Python editor

Python Editor app enables user to accomplish various aspects of programming activities from simple to complicated calculations and database implementations. With multiple APIs supported, writing your own codes is much more easier than ever. The app offers batch processing ability which means user can now perform a task on a huge dataset including many wells with a few lines of code. The python programming also supports most commonly used libraries such as Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib for data analytics workflow implementation.

Designed for non-programmer like geoscientists with readable syntax

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for data geoscientist because of its readable and uncomplicated syntax, making it simple and easy to use. Geoscientists with basic coding skill can easily implement their own property workflow from wellbore data harmonization to interpretation.

Batch processing capacity saves time for multi-well projects

The reusable scripts with batch processing capability allow users to process thousands of wells, zones, datasets quickly and simultaneously, avoiding the tediousness of repeating a task multiple times when working in GUI (Graphic User Interface) environment.

Quickly deploy any advanced solutions with ready-made scripts

Users can build their codes with ease by using available scripts which support faster and easier implementation as well as being less prone to potential errors. Those ready-made scripts enable quick implementation of any customized workflow.

Offering extra flexibility with most popular Python libraries

i2G Python supports most popular libraries including Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib which provide users enough flexibilities to deploy their own advanced solutions. The supported libraries make i2G Python compatible with data (geo)science, enabling working with wellbore data without boundary.

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