Project Data Managements

Easily organize your messy and scattered project data

Quickly filter project data by tagging

The data tree can be quickly filtered to display only needed data making it much more well-organized and hence easy to access. This feature saves a lot of time when user has to work with a huge project including many wells.

Direct link between working project and related data

Within one unified working environment, the link between structured data that can be loaded into the working project and unstructured data such as well reports can be properly captured so that the time for data finding is significantly reduced. This hand-in-hand solution maximize the actual time working on the data rather than spending finding them. The user is also able to load data directly to the working project within the same environment/data storage project

Comprehensive metadata system for quick data query

The data management system on i2G enables user to index and catalogue metadata or attributes related to well digital data as well as maps, core, rock, samples data and well reports. The system provides a full list of attributes/properties of any files uploaded. The user can also define their own metadata. Benefits of using the i2G data query tool:
• Efficient search & retrieval capability, search for metadata related to physical as well as electronic E&P data efficiently
• Ability to save desired search for initiating the data query process
• Use different search criteria to look for the required data

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