i2G Modern Wellbore Data Platform


Organizations are driving toward data-centric culture that empowers data-driven decision-making within every business unit. The ongoing challenges with upstream G&G data is that they are being generated in big volumes from various sources with an increasing complexity. An effective way to manage and extract values of these huge amounts of data while transforming your organization is through modern data platforms in which i2G is one of them.

Below is a simple illustration of i2G modern data architecture with four connected layers that seamlessly work together: source layer, acquisition layer, working layer and security layer. Source and acquisition layers are basically where and how structured and unstructured data were stored and ingested into the platform. The core of i2G platform is the working layer that is comprised of data visualization, management and governance, and most importantly data analysis and interpretation applications including those from third parties. Finally, the underlying security layer ensures the data is protected while working on cloud-based projects with multiple-user accesses.

A simple illustration of the modern i2G data architecture

The i2G modern data platform inherits great advantages of a hybrid deployment: on-premise and cloud. On-premise enables operation without internet and provide greater security and at the same time making minimal changes to legacy applications, although it requires extra IT support, maintenance cost as well as a greater capital investment. Cloud deployment is provided as software-as-a-service (SaaS) that ensures scalable capacity, processing power, high-availability, high-flexibility, and security.

As data flow through the i2G platform, there is a robust data management and governance system to support working with both structured and unstructured data. All data on i2G platform can be tagged using a customizable metadata system and once the database has been established, the advanced search enables a quick and effective data query. The working project that includes structured data now has a direct connection to unstructured data such as well reports, data processing reports in the project database. This unified workplace has great benefits of saving time and effectively capturing knowledge that was normally lost by having someone leaving the company.

To put it simply, i2G platform is a collection of tools and capabilities that, when brought together, allow organizations to unlock the potential and the revenue their data has been hiding and eventually to achieve the standard of being a data-driven organization.