Geomechanics apps

The upcoming Geomechanics App offers a complete package in geomechanical modeling and wellbore stability modeling. Geomechanical models for drilled wells can be constructed and conveniently transferred to the corresponding wellbore stability models. The wellbore stability models for drilled wells can then be calibrated with actual drilling events. After the calibration process, geomechanical models and wellbore stability models for future wells can be generated, analyzed, and optimized to achieve the required reservoir target(s).
Besides the convenient workflow, the Geomechanics App is unique in explicitly and accurately modeling the important phenomenon of weak plane effects (weak bedding, faults, fractures, etc.). This physical phenomenon has been observed to play critical roles in wellbore stability by many oil and gas companies in many fields around the world. Advanced physical processes such as temperature effects, chemical effects, and poromechanics coupling are not yet included in the Geomechanics App but can be addressed in special studies upon request.