The FORCE 2020-Machine learning contest

From 10th August to 16th October 2020

From 10th August to 16th October 2020

From 10th August to 16th October 2020, the global machine learning contest with wells and seismic data is opened which hosted by FORCE and help from AGILE. The contest will find the team that is the best for predicting lithology and the stratigraphy in wells in the North Sea area. The i2G, a cloud-based well-bore data management and interpretation platform, is very please to be a sponsor platform for wellbore data contest. In i2G platform, all contestants will be able to:

  • Have a free license to use the analyzing tools during the contest with data already uploaded.
  • Visualize data with different supported plots (Single and Multi-well Log plot, Multi-well cross plot/Histogram with statistic information table)

  • Use various APIs to quickly extract project data or batch processing in Python.

#Example for converting numeric curve to text curve

client = wilib.login('username', 'password')
dataset = client.getDatasetByName('Example Dataset', 'Example Well', 'Example Project')
curveDictionary = {1:'a', 2:'b', 3:'c'}
numericCurve = dataset.getCurveByName('Example Curve')
numericCurveData = numericCurve.getCurveData()
curveData = []
for data in numericCurveData:
curveData.append({'y': data['y'], 'x': curveDictionary.get(data['x'], None)})
textCurve = dataset.newTextCurve(name = 'Curve Name')
if textCurve:
success = textCurve.updateRawCurveData(curveData)
if success: