Base Module

i2G™ is an innovative cloud-based, secure solution designed to meet the need of E&P Industry for digital continuity, streaming Big Data and performing Data-Driven Analytics workflow. i2G™ provides access to data and applications in a single web-based workplace, significantly simplify complex Database – Application data communication procedures. i2G™ Platform enables you to access and analyze your data everywhere, anytime with a web browser. Sharing raw data through online inventory, managing structure and unstructured data; collaborating with your clients, team member in multi-user project with one click. i2G™ base also offer a robust display including interactive dashboard, full spectrum of plots, easy to manage multi-well dataset.

What makes i2G™ different?

• Enhance working efficient through global collaboration platform. i2G™ offer the shortest way to get advices from adhoc world-class advisors as well as our exceptional software support in 24/7. Thank to group chat function, Knowledge management is applicable during entire lifetime of the project.
• Database management becomes affordable and highly efficient than ever. Master, corporate and project data handle both structure and unstructured data in systematical manner. It leads to reduce workload dramatically by centralized database for everyone at anytime.
• 100% auto-save plot prevent users from losing data due to network latency or web browser operation issue.
• Dashboard: An interactive environment where logplot, histogram and crossplot are connected and saved. In realtime mode, dashboard acts like a progress report providing at-a-glance views of rig activities.
• The innovative diagram workflow allows users to either connect, design the workflow or disconnect them to create the new workflow procedure by a few simple clicks without changing their zone set.
• Parameter Manager not only manages all key frequent use parameters and keeps the data management in data tree tidy but also enables the tracking history of every computation results.
• In zonation and marker manager, users can compose a wide range of electrofacies based on vast template library for zonation and template . i2G™ smart UI allow user to reassign facies in lithofacies or depo-facies interpretation procedure easier than ever.